Seam Welder, Press Type Spot Welder, Bench Mounted Spot Welder, Side Seam Welder, Portable Suspension Type Spot Welder, Mumbai, India

Product Range

Mechelonic Engineers supplies a complete range of Resistance Welding and related machines. The range consists of :

 Bench Mounted Spot Welder
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Bench Mounted Spot Welder

Specially designed for welding of small and critical components such as in the manufacture of electrical / electronic components, jewellery, spectacle frames, vacuum tubes, fountain pen parts, instruments etc.
Available in SPOT / PROJECTION welding execution
Rating KVA :@50% duty cycle 10-30

Side Seam Welder

Container side seam welding machine model 18-51 is a trust
worthy and most economical way of producing, consistent, flawless
and narrow weld at high speeds,
eliminating skilled labour.
Capacity : 0.2-0.4 mm thick,
52-300 mm body diameters, up to
450 mm body height.

Side Seam Welder

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