Seam Welder, Seam Welding Of Drums / Barrels, Press Type Spot Welder, Side Seam Welder, Mumbai, India
Seam Welder, Press Type Spot Welder, Bench Mounted Spot Welder, Side Seam Welder, Portable Suspension Type Spot Welder, Mumbai, India

Product Range

Mechelonic Engineers supplies a complete range of Resistance Welding and related machines. The range consists of :

Seam Welder
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Seam Welder

Machines offered are single phase AC for seam welding of Drums and  Barrels, Fuel Tanks, Silencer, Muffler, Shock Absorber etc. SPMs are offered for applications such as fully automatic barrel and shell  welding, tub welding, fuel tank welding etc.
We also offer 3 phase, DC machines with matching controls for special applications.
Standard Rating KVA : (@50% duty cycle) 50,75,100,200 & above on  request

Press Type Spot Welder

They are designed for high speed
production work to meet the vast
number of applications of metal
fabrication shops, Automatic feed mechanism with X-Y axes, rotary
movements; robotics etc.
with PLC can be supplied.
A variety of electrodes and tooling can be offered to suit every application.

 Press Type Spot Welder

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