Portable Suspension Type Spot Welder, Flash Butt Welder, Bench Mounted Spot Welder, Welding Equipments, Mumbai, India
Portable Suspension Type Spot Welder, Flash Butt Welder, Rail Flash Butt Welder, Portable Integral Transformer Spot Welder, Mumbai, India

Product Range

Mechelonic Engineers supplies a complete range of Resistance Welding and related machines. The range consists of :

Portable Suspension Type Spot Welder
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Portable Suspension Type Spot Welder

Overhead suspension type transformers
with portable spot welding guns are
designed for high speed production to meet
the needs of vast number of metal
fabrication shops particularly for
manufacture of automobile bodies and sub assemblies.
Variety of guns viz. "C" type, Scissor type and Bell crank type with different throat depth and gap are available to suit simple or complex welding set up. The machine will be supplied with suitable Electronic Control depending upon the application.

Flash Butt Welder

Specially designed for heavy duty
applications, where repeatability
is important. A variety of toolings
and clamping devices available for
applications such as railway shackles, automotive parts, starter
ring gears, wheel rims, link chains
Rating KVA; 150-250 & above on

 Flash Butt Welder

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