Rail Flash Butt Welder, Portable Type Spot Welder, Integral Type Spot Welder, Welding Machines, Mumbai, India
Portable Suspension Type Spot Welder, Flash Butt Welder, Rail Flash Butt Welder, Portable Integral Transformer Spot Welder, Mumbai, India

Product Range

Mechelonic Engineers supplies a complete range of Resistance Welding and related machines. The range consists of :

Rail Flash Butt Welder

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Rail Flash Butt Welder

Mechelonic Engineers are proud suppliers of the first indigenous Rail Flash Butt Welder to the Indian Railways.
This highly automated welding plant incorporates state-of-the art computer control and closed loop feed back system to ensure fool proof  welding operation. Servo controlled hydraulic system is used in this machine. This machine is supplied with all supporting machines such as weld stripping, fine finish grinding, straightening presses, etc.

Portable / Integral  Type Spot Welder

Suspension type Integral Transformers with gun are designed for minimising the transformer rating by avoiding the cable length. These portable spot welding guns are for high speed
production of metal fabrication shop particularly for the manufacture of automobile bodies and sub assemblies. A variety of guns with different throat depth and gap are available capable of having access to complex welding set up.

Portable Integral Type Spot Welder

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